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Traditional craftsmanship

Modern design

I make little moments special!
I make the day more enjoyable!
I turn ordinary into unique!

Do you want every day to be pleasant and special?
So that every coffee / tea brings sensual pleasure?
Do you want to surround yourself with objects with a soul?
Do you want to know who and where made the item you are using?

Here you will find what you are looking for and need.

I create objects with a soul, I pour my passion, sweat and sometimes tears on them.


Kursy toczenia

Z dedykacją dla bliskich

MANOceramics_Agata_Marcinkowska_recznie-robiona-ceramika  (19).jpg
MANOceramics is a pottery manufacture run by me, Agata Marcinkowska.

I would like pottery to cease to be associated with the medieval form in Poland.

That the quality and lightness of the dishes will surprise you.

Therefore, using the traditional technique of rolling on a potter's wheel, I create dishes with a modern design, inspired by the aesthetics of the Bauhaus.

Proces powstawania naczyń

The technique of manual production using a potter's wheel makes my dishes unique.

Each has its own unique shape and surface structure, maintaining similar dimensions and capacity.
There are slight differences in height and diameter between the cups.
Turning on a potter's wheel is a technique of serial but still manual production in which an important element is the human factor, which is reflected in small deviations in dimensions and turned surfaces to be learned.
Because the guiding of the hands during work cannot be repeated in the same way and it is influenced by very small things such as concentration level, clay moisture, potter's inhalation and exhalation.
The dishes turned on the wheel are therefore exceptionally unique!

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